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VED Changes

Peter Stirland Ltd used car dealer in Hungerford, Berkshire

Register you new Ford before 1st April 2017 for potential Vehicle Excise Duty savings.

The current road-tax system is fairly straightforward: the more carbon dioxide (CO2) your car emits, the more tax you pay each year – and owners whose cars emit under 100 grams per kilometre (g/km) of CO2 are exempt from paying road tax entirely.

That’s all changing this year, though: any new car registered on or after 1 April will be taxed according to the new rules. Under these, the first year of tax will remain based on CO2 emissions, but after that all cars – aside from fully electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles – will cost £140 a year to tax.


Furthermore, cars with a list price (after options) of over £40,000 will be subject to an additional £310 levy – although this extra cost is only applicable for the first five years of the car’s life.

Peter Stirland Ltd used car dealer in Hungerford, Berkshire

Contact us today to discuss ordering & registering your new Ford car before 1st April 2017.

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